HealthConsent Launches 'Do Not Sell' Registry: The 'Do Not Call' List for Health Data

HealthConsent Staff

A Revolutionary Step Toward Protecting Individuals from Unauthorized Health Data Monetization

NEWPORT BEACH, CA, USA, October 27, 2023 — In a step to better protect health data privacy, HealthConsent™ announces the launch of the National Do Not Sell Registry™. Inspired by the effective “Do Not Call” list of the 2000s, this initiative allows individuals to inform data brokers that they prefer to opt-out from having their personal health information (PHI) shared or sold. Through this registry, HealthConsent™ provides a practical way for individuals to have more control over their health data, moving towards a culture of privacy and consent in digital health.

The rise of the data broker industry in the United States is a growing concern. Data brokers collect, share, and sell large amounts of data about Americans, often without much oversight. While healthcare providers follow HIPAA’s privacy rules, data brokers often get around these rules by dealing in de-identified data. However, recent advancements show that de-identified data can be easily re-identified, putting individuals at risk. The way data brokers operate, combined with a lack of clear privacy protections, highlights the need for stronger laws to control the buying and selling of sensitive health data, especially concerning mental and women’s health.

For just $9, individuals can join the National Do Not Sell Registry™ by HealthConsent™. This small investment allows individuals to request to opt-out of having their private health data shared and sold, giving them more control over their data privacy and making digital health safer.

HealthConsent’s mission shines through the National Do Not Sell Registry™ – to create a world where health data privacy is a right, not just a privilege. The launch of this registry is a key moment in the fight against unauthorized data selling and opens the door to a more secure healthcare data ecosystem.

Learn more about HealthConsent™ and the National Do Not Sell Registry™ at Together, let’s take a strong step towards protecting our health data privacy.

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