82% of healthcare organizations have experienced an IoT cyberattack

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IoT cyberattacks

The HIPAA Journal, a leading source of healthcare cybersecurity news and insights, recently published an article titled “The Threat of IoT Cyberattacks in Healthcare.” The article highlights the issue of IoT cyberattacks. IoT is an acronym for Internet of Things and an IoT cyberattack refers to the exploitation of vulnerabilities in internet-connected devices such as wearables, medical sensors, and other IoT devices that provide care to patients.

According to the article, 82% of healthcare organizations have fallen victim to IoT cyberattacks in the past 18 months, underscoring the need for increased cybersecurity measures. Many healthcare organizations lack the necessary measures to protect against such attacks. The article additionally cites a report which found that only 38% of healthcare organizations have implemented appropriate cybersecurity measures.

The consequences

The lack of effective cybersecurity measures leaves healthcare organizations open to the potential risks of exposing patient data and disrupting critical medical operations. Further potential consequences include financial losses, legal liabilities, and damage to reputations, ultimately leading to delays in patient care and putting lives at risk.

What can we do

To address this growing threat, healthcare organizations must work proactively to improve cybersecurity. This includes implementing more security protocols, consistently conducting security audits, and investing in cybersecurity training for employees.

The article also emphasizes the importance of collaboration within the healthcare industry to combat IoT cyberattacks. By sharing information and best practices, healthcare organizations can leverage their collective knowledge and expertise to develop more effective cybersecurity strategies to protect against the growing threat of cybercrime.

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82% Of Healthcare Organizations Have Experienced an IoT Cyberattack in the Past 18 Months